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The Benefits of Using Organic Makeup

Anyone who hasn’t spent the last couple of decades living under a rock will have noticed the explosion of organic products on the market, from vegetables to meat products to even the spices and condiments we consume. But when it comes to skin care products, is it taking things too far to go the organic route? Is organic makeup just a fad, or does it provide true benefits to your skin? In this article, we’ll talk about why we think organic cosmetic products are the best choice, not just for your beauty and your health, but also for the environment.

Organic Skin Care = Your Most Beautiful Self

Think of your face like the windshield of your car. Whenever we drive down Interstate 10 through New Orleans on a summer day, the windshield of our car gets hit with an unbelievable number of bugs, flies, mosquitoes, and other insects that are in the air. If the drive is long enough, our license plate, headlights, and practically the whole front of our car gets coated with bugs. As you go about your daily life, your face gets bombarded, too, not with visible insects, but with tiny, invisible particles in the air. Your face and skin constantly experience a barrage of molecules, UV rays, toxins, and dust. And you can’t exactly just squirt windshield washer fluid on your face!

These substances cause your skin to visibly age, so it’s important to know how to protect it. The best protection is one that doesn’t bring a whole load of toxic chemicals of its own to the party. Organic makeup and skin products are designed with care. They don’t contain toxic foreign substances but instead only use pure, real, natural ingredients that your skin cells will know what to do with. When you want to protect your skin, use natural organic makeup. Once you minimize the toxic load to your skin, your real beauty will shine through.

Choose Organic for Health

The reason why you buy organic food to eat is because you understand that your body is going absorb all those herbicides and pesticides, and you don’t want to damage your health when you body doesn’t know how to deal with them. The same is true for your skin. Because the skin is a living organ, it doesn’t have any choice but to absorb what you put onto it. Why would you want to introduce pesticides, weed killer, and other toxins into your skin? Even in trace amounts, these particles are contaminants, and your body will react to them. On the flip side, giving your skin the organic nutrients it needs will cause your face to have a radiant glow of health that is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Choose Organic for the Environment

Have you ever thought about the fact that for every non-organic product that you buy, someone somewhere was spraying a field with chemicals? For the benefit of the earth that we live in, we believe in growing things the old way. We can’t change everyone’s minds, but we can minimize our own contribution to the earth’s toxic load. For the benefit of future generations, we choose organic, even for skin care.

The Voodoo Makeup Difference

Here at Voodoo Makeup, we have created a skin care line that is 100% organic, gluten free, corn free, soy free, and vegan. We’re confident you’ll agree that it is unsurpassed by any other skin care line that you’ve tried. Our organic foundation glides on like a dream and lasts all day, giving your skin a radiance and even tone without being cakey or clogging your pores. We also offer blush, mascara, eye shadow, lipstick, and much more. Shop our organic makeup selection today!

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