See the Difference that Gluten Free Makeup Makes

If you’ve never tried gluten free makeup, you may be wondering why it’s such a big deal. Is gluten-free makeup right for you? It is our opinion that gluten-free makeup is right for everyone, not just those with celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity. But why is this, and what difference does it make to you?

Understanding gluten

Gluten is a protein complex found in wheat and other common grains like barley and rye. In bread baking, gluten’s elastic properties are brilliant at transforming a shaggy lump of dough into a beautifully soft, stretchy, pillowy loaf. Imagine a pile of tangled spaghetti that gradually gets combed into straight, parallel lines, and you have an analogy of what gluten does in bread baking. Each molecule of gluten links to others nearby until they are linked together in long, stretchy chains.

While that’s great in bread baking, it’s not so great for your skin. Imagine that that protein with linking properties enters into your skin. Your skin is a living organism and it will absorb whatever you put on it. That means that everything you rub onto your skin will either make it into your body or clog your pores, creating a scum that combines with dead skin cells and needs to be exfoliated off. You cannot afford to introduce the wrong molecules into your skin, or you will end up with unexpected and undesirable results.

Gluten free makeup

Since gluten is a foreign substance to your skin cells, you don’t want to apply creams, lotions, or foundations to your skin if they contain gluten. There is no reason why makeup products need to contain gluten. Gluten in the ingredients in your makeup is either going to be just a filler (meaning you’re paying for your makeup to be beefed up in volume with a protein that doesn’t belong there) or a non-essential by-product that comes along with another ingredient (like hydrolyzed wheat protein). In either case, gluten is not needed and is not beneficial to you.

Gluten free makeup is makeup that is free of ingredients that contain gluten, and it is processed in a facility that also doesn’t have any gluten contaminants.

You don’t have to have a gluten allergy or gluten sensitivity to benefit from the amazing properties of gluten-free makeup. Our gluten free foundation goes on as smooth as a dream, provides long-lasting coverage, and make you look 10 years younger.

However, if you DO have a gluten allergy or sensitivity, you should definitely choose nothing but gluten-free makeup, especially for your lipstick, because it goes onto your mouth. Any time there’s even the slightest chance you could ingest even trace amounts of gluten, you stand the risk of having a flare-up of symptoms. The same goes for powders, because you run the risk of inhaling them.

The all-natural, gluten-free makeup at Voodoo Makeup is formulated to not just be gluten free; it is corn free and soy free as well, with a long list of ingredients we don’t ever use. When your well-being and your skin’s health is at stake, give it the best. Choose Voodoo Makeup–your skin will thank you for it.