Our story…

 The extraordinary husband and wife team, artist Aimee Carr and photographer and artist Ron Carr are the founders of the Louisiana New Orleans French Quarter cosmetics line, Voodoo Makeup. Founded in early 2014.

Aimee has been a makeup artist since 1993 and has experience working in the medical field as an esthetician since 1998. In 2014, upon diagnosis of her corn, soy, and gluten allergies caused by living in a home filled with black mold for years, she had an idea of starting her own makeup line soon she began formulating an all-natural line that did not contain any of those ingredients.

After many trials with varied formulas (and her husbands coffee grinder)  Beautiful Skin Foundation was born for just Aimee. The foundation is a buildable coverage, all natural foundation used for all skin types and nationalities and will always match your tone perfectly; creating a flawless finish while healing and nourishing the skin. Fortunately, the makeup for NY Fashion Week did NOT show up, so she made the products for the show on site and Voodoo Makeup was recognized by the Media and Artists’ in general. Models wanted more and production began. Aimee’s late mother always said QVC, but passed away before she could see her daughter’s dreams come true! As the launch arrived closer Aimee & Ron were blessed with the news of Twins due in October 2017, the QVC launch set for August, a last minute check up caused the girls to come early and not make the QVC launch. On July 22nd Ella Faye & Emma Claire came into this world and 3 months too early. God graced them with good health, and now the girls even have passports! The Line finally launched on QVC February 23rd, 2017 and the Brand is growing every day.

Our Ingredients

Our products include only the highest quality, natural ingredients including Coconut Oil,  Shea Butter, Natural Waxes, Our Custom Ingredients Recipe of the Highest Quality of Facial Oils including our Natural Preservatives, Coconut Waxes, Jojoba Wax, Candelilla Wax, Palm Wax (very limited amount when used), Rice Brain, Micas, Oxides, Titanium Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Zinc, Meadowseed Oil, Rosemary Extract, Grapeseed Powder, Rosehip Oil, Neem, Tamu Oil, Argan Oil, and Natural Oleates not derived from corn. We do NOT use Phenoxyenthol, Carmine, Talc, Synthetic Fragrances, Ingredients, or Waxes, Parabens, Vitamin E(from soy), Bismuth, Powders are not Nano or Micro, and Mineral Oils made of Petroleum, Glycols, Beeswax and much more… There is absolutely no Petroleum or Chemicals used in our products. We have recently been giving a list of ingredients that cancer patients are told to avoid and we are proud to say that our products have absolutely none of these ingredients and have since been referred. We do not test on animals, Vegan and we are proud to say that our products are not just natural but they are PURE AND CLEAN containing Kosher, Organic, and Natural Ingredients.

Our Professional Support

Voodoo Makeup has been featured on the runways of fashion shows around the world including New York’s Couture Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. Voodoo Makeup is recommended by personal care professionals, celebrity makeup artists, hair stylists, Politicians, Miss USA Pageant Contestants, International Fashion Designers, and Celebrities. Our products offer natural day to dramatic evening looks that will last over 24 hours and can be transformed with some glitter and sparkle.

Available on QVC Spring 2018!

It is important to remember that with a Voodoo Makeup experience the “Magic is in our Makeup”.