1.   Composition of facial cosmetics

2.   Compostion of makeup and cosmetics

3.   Practical working procedures for makeup applications

4.   Safety and sanitation

5.   Identify and accentuate flattering features to reveal natural beauty

6.   Identify flaws in bone structure and skin that is unwanted and conceal and contour

7.   Customer Communication Do’s and Don’ts

8.   How to work with a Celebrity

9.   The Do’s and Don’ts of Production

10. Working with Lighting

11. A overview of a natural look can be applied to bridal

12. 5 minute application

13. Natural to Dramatic Look in minutes

14. Recognizing and addressing Skin Disorders

15. Contracts16. Advertising Your Services and getting your name known

17. How to Handle Complaints

18. Backstage Production Manors and Allowances


  • Color Theory Workshop

  • Custom blending

  • Under tones

  • Warm vs cool

  • Correcting and Concealing

Bone Structure:

  • Face Shapes

  • Eye Shapes

  • Basic Highlight and Contour


  • Color Balance

  • Shape

  • Natural Brows

  1. False Eyelash Application

  2. How to work with more mature skin and Techniques that are helpful

  3. Photography makeup color vs black and white


  • Marketing yourself

  • Networking

  • How to Develope your business

  • How to get work

  • Testings

  • Promo Cards

  • Fees

  • What should be in your kit and example kits

  • Freelancing

  • AssistingBuilding your portfolio

  • Your ImageMakeup Agencies and Unions

  • Rules for success and working with Celebrities

What to Bring to Class:

  • 1 notebook and Pen

  • 2 Art Pad and Pencil

  • 2 Highlighters

  • 3 Magnifying Glass Hand Held

  • 5 examples of natural looks

  • 2 examples of dramatic looks

If you do not have a professional artist brush set we do have some for purchase please let us know at the time of the class.

Deposit/Registration:We require a 50% non-refundable deposit to reserve your seat at our class and suggest registering early to guarantee you a space.

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